8th September. ‘Local Encounters #3: Uqbar’ at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.

The name “uqbar” was taken from a novel by the writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). In Borges’ novel the word “uqbar” is an entry in a fictitious encyclopaedia. The word is a construct, a letter combination without meaning, used by the author in order to show how knowledge and meaning are constructed. The problem of the constitution of meaning, signification and interpretation is central to the discussion around the term of the representation. Representation in the broadest sense means a switching procedure, which functions through references and replacement, and is an integral component of each art form. The association aims at promoting contemporary art and culture, above all implementing, supporting and hosting projects, which dedicate themselves to the research and promotion of experimental, interdisciplinary artistic and cultural practices in the international context.


‘Local Encounters’ at Bethanien Künstlerhaus.

This program aims at introducing to you a series of local projects, with a recognized trajectory and fully engaged in the local scene. The agents invited to present their projects are key practitioners to enter in contact with the diversity of the art spheres in Berlin. The objective of these encounters is twofolded: On the one hand, they will facilitate a deeper knowledge of the cultural infrastructure of the city; on the other hand, they will provide the chance of a series of meetings in an informal atmosphere that might facilitate long time contacts.

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