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Deep Surface

Program of interventions organized by The Institute for Endotic Research for the exhibition Deep Surface at L’Atelier-ksr with: John Holten, Deborah Ligorio, Paul Feigelfield and Suza Husse.

© Lorenzo Sandoval, ‘Medusa’, Deep Surface Series, 2016. Digital collage.

In his exhibition, accompanied by program of interventions, at L’Atelier-ksr, ‘Deep Surface’, Lorenzo Sandoval presented a site-specific body of work, sorted in three parts. ‘Broken Parliament’, ‘Curriculum Vitae’ and ‘Deep Surface’ navigating over spaces while referring to the lack of solid references, a sort of gel-form that characterizes the society of advanced capitalism.

Lorenzo Sandoval’s expansive projects are spatial storytellers and include the presence of other practitioners, which become almost equally valuable parts of a more complex whole. This new site specific production was meant to unfold with a program over the duration of the exhibition and served as a proposition in order to renegotiate and reconstruct the common space, while looking for common symbols and systems. The program hosted in the piece ‘Broken Parliament’ included contributions by John Holten, Deborah Ligorio, Paul Feigelfeld, and Suza Husse.


– 05.05.16 ‘When The Map Meets The Territory’
An essay-fiction by John Holten

A personal look at the work of Sandoval by novelist and collaborator John Holten, this talk will move through the exhibition in the form of an essay-fiction, at once elucidating the thoughts and processes behind Sandoval’s work, as well as extending it into the terrain beyond the materially given, into anecdote, down dark alleys and countryside roads…

John Holten is a novelist, artist and publisher. He has collaborated with Lorenzo Sandoval on many projects, most notably Office Party (2013), The Narrative Machine (2011 – ongoing) and A Soft Tragedy (2015).


– 12.05.16 and 13.05.16 ‘[The Eponym] Care as affirmative practice’
Workshop by Deborah Ligorio

A Workshop on “Care” as antidote against programmed obsolescence, as feminist practice, as an ecological strategy, and form of maintenance.
No preparation needed. The two evenings work independently so you can join one or both evenings as you wish.
We will engage in practical exercises and embody mental images. We will use objects, algorithms, and tools – both present and imaginary – in the exhibition.
The main tool will be a Guided Meditation that involves breathing techniques and the imagination, facilitating a journey through theory and thoughts with fragments from texts by: Silvia Federici on care, Rosi Braidotti on affirmative ethics, Michael Foucault on “The Hermeneutics of the Subject”, Jane Bennet on ecology, and Timothy Morton on viscosity.


– 23.05.16 ‘Sirens, Symbols, Serendipity’
Talk by Paul Feigelfeld

The talk and workshop explores different formations of knowledge processes between ancient Greece and the media theory of Friedrich Kittler. The distinction of being and non-being in pre-Socratic natural philosophy, of monas and apeiron, and the first forms of mathematical thought; the invention of the vowel alphabet and its relation of oral history; the bittersweet feedback between vowels and consonants in Sappho’s poetry; the cybernetic symbiosis of media technologies and discourses from Antiquity to the Baroque to artificial intelligence determine how fiction, prediction, simulation and speculation constellate knowledge.


-27.05.16 ‘Drawing shadows from the spaces between bodies, archive and architecture in dissident desire’
Suza Husse

24 October 2013. Night is falling. Projectors are throwing color and movement against bricks, paper and wood. The sound of rituals in a northern forest and, lower from other angles of the space, of voices instructing, managing and instigating. Many more sounds on headphones and voices on paper. Stage lights channel spots on the architecture and its inhabitants, warmth on the red surfaces of a crooked assembly, on the diagrams, zines and books, objects, black and pink paint. The first people enter and we are preparing the bar. Blackout (and I am sleepless from desire)

dissident desire is an ongoing art and research project by Suza Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval on the body as an archive of political and material fluxes and the resilient performativity of precarious bodies in the everyday. Developed through performance, exhibition, archive and publication formats at District Berlin since 2013, dissident desire assembles a toolbox for political imagination.