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Notes on the Inframince

The inframince was an idea introduced by Marcel Duchamp, for which he said that it could not be defined, only understood through examples. Nevertheless, it mainly described liminal situations that produced changes –mostly minimal ones– of the elements involved within them. This notion is extremely connected to some of the recent theories of quantum physics that have been challenging knowledge, that speaks how the components of a given environment are intimately interconnected and affect deeply each other.

For TIER, this constellation provided by the inframince it is a very relevant territory to talk about the commitment of the gestures we do: we are here, nowhere else, and each decision or gesture will make a difference. From this position, we can approach the entanglement that forms the knots of relationships within our habitat, understanding how the minimal gestures one does will have affection.

– 29.02.16  Renata Har.
Working with existing objects that tend to be overshadowed within the cursory glance, the artist expresses her interest in, constructing visibility from almost nothing. Unnoticed stories, engraved in unnoticed materials: in Har’s work, narratives can linger or be traced through objects. Notions of impermanence and destruction constitute a central concern. Although Har does not have a preferred material, paper plays an important role in her pieces, using various techniques to add another layer of dimensionality. More than testing its sculptural properties, Har uses paper as a medium for experimenting with the Duchampian idea of the tenuous interval between two elements – the infrathin. Thus, Har seeks to create ambiances where the latent tension produced by the encounter of objects is present.

Born in São Paulo in 1981, Renata Har completed her master’s degree in Christian Boltanski’s atelier at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris. A regular participant in group exhibitions, fairs and artistic residencies in Brazil, Germany, and France, her work is represented by L’Atelier-ksr in Berlin and Silvia Cintra+Box 4 in Rio de Janeiro. For further information please visit or