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MOLAF: Variations

img_1334 img_1323 img_1321 img_1319  img_1314 img_1311 img_1303 img_1302 img_130128/29.06.2016

An evening of words, images, sounds, and conversation, with the Museum of Longing and Failure (MOLAF).

The Museum of Longing and Failure is an artistic platform established in 2010 in Bergen, Norway by Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis. The museum takes shape through a sustained conversation with international contemporary artists and collectives, whose contributed works form the basis of ongoing installations and interventions into various contexts and locations. Over the last twelve months, the MOLAF has begun to systematically question its own form, identity, and capacity to both support its collection and produce new forms, and launched a publishing component in mid-2015 as one means of facilitating this process. The MOLAF’s first published work, MOLAF Variations, will be at the centre of the event at TIER. Its second book, MOLAF Approximations, will be released later this year.


Formation Centre is the  branch of development of the institute that deals with study of forms and forms of study. The project seeks to explore relationships between institutional forms, experimental formats, spatial design and cognitive processes. It is located in TIER’s director Lorenzo Sandoval’s studio.  Formation Centre works as an experimental model to expand the studio practice with a (self) pedagogic program. Coming from a variety of fields, the different guests are invited to introduce their practice through a format in between a workshop, a presentation of the matters with which they work, or a collection of their findings.