13 30 Minutes Solo Shows | The Institute for Endotic Research

13 30 Minutes Solo Shows

June 11th from 4pm to 10pm, 2015
Agora 3rd Floor
Mittelweg 50
12053 Berlin – Neukölln

Inside of the frame of the Agora’s Affect residency program and The Institute for Endotic Reseach, the June Module Exploring the Endotic proposes an experiment translating the oulipian idea of constraint to the making of an exhibition.

The French group Oulipo, constituted mainly by mathematicians and writers, developed their writing practice setting up certain constraints as a way to spur the imagination. In order to reflect upon the limitations of the exhibition making, the artists participating in Exploring the Endotic invite us this Thursday experimenting with the duration of the solo show: no more and no less than thirty minutes. Each participant in the residency will have that predefined amount of time to install, present and dismount her or his artwork, producing a chain of solo shows in the span of an evening.

16:00 Elien Ronse & Pepe Dayaw
16:30 Marjolijn Kok
17:00 Barbara Cousin
17:30 Francisco Perez
18:00 Mia Sellmann
18:30 Fala Buggy
19:00 Kyrae Cowan
19:30 Martina Mäsiarová
20:00 Mariangela Tinelli
20:30 Paz Bardi
21:00 María Alcaide Romero
21:30 Damien Rudd
22:00 Lorenzo Sandoval


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