April 27. Worlds. Listening session arranged by Mohammad Shabangu

Worlds. Listening session arranged by Mohammad Shabangu

Thursday April 27

19:00 – 21:00

Meditating upon the notion of borders, belonging and unbelonging, the writer and critic Taiye Selasi proposes a concept called Three R’s –Rituals, Relationships and Restrictions–, a useful prism from which to consider the transnational character of individual and collective identities. Inspired by the idea of Three Rs as an organizing principle, this listening session explores the processes of deep and light listening postures by curating a mosaic, if musical pieces that express a preoccupation with human affection and relationality. Working with a fluid and diachronic blend of music ques from around the world, whether it is sprawling atmospheric synths by electro soul band, the healing properties of spiritual jazz; the notes of a classical piano that accompany moments of solipsism, or the distinct echoes of hypnotic North African chants, you are invited to explore the in(div)isible boundary between the literary and the sonic.


Mohammad Shabangu is a writer, selector and DJ. He is currently a visiting fellow at the Institute for Asian and African studies at Humboldt University, where he is completing a book titled Globality, the double bind of African writing.

No reservations needed.

Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin