August 11 & 12. Planting Concrete. Workshop by Miguel Prados Sánchez and Pablo Ramón Benitez

Saturday, Aug 11 + Sunday, Aug 12, 15:00-19:00
Planting Concrete
Workshop by Miguel Prados Sánchez and Pablo Ramón Benitez

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the wide range of possibilities that concrete offers and to learn about the properties that define this material and techniques for its use and manipulation. The goal is the manufacture of planters that will serve for the spatial configuration of the The workshop will be a group process and will seek the involvement of the participants, who will be able to propose alternative materials for the mixture as well as other uses or designs for the objects. It will be also experimental, exploring new combinations with recycled materials, creating an awareness of the things we use and dispose of, materials that surround us and that could have new unexpected uses.

Miguel Prados Sánchez
(Spain, 1984) is an Architect and a Product Designer based in Berlin, graduated from the School of Architecture of the University of Seville. He has collaborated with different architectural offices working in several projects and competitions, among them housing and public buildings. In 2011 he moved to Berlin and started working with artists and craftsmen in the production and design of installations, products and furniture, always with geometry and generative design as main focus. He also had the opportunity of teaching in workshops in the University of Copenhagen and in the Münster School of Architecture.

Pablo Ramón Benítez
(Spain 1982) In 2009 he graduated in architecture and landscape architecture besides attending several courses at the School of Fine Arts in Seville during years. After visiting South America and UK he moved to Germany to develop his professional career. His strong background in architectural drawing helps him to develop his design process. He gained experience in design, design thinking process, and fine arts. For many years he trained as self-taught in design marketing and entrepreneurship.

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