Encounter: Pin. Suck. Smash a video installation by Alina Amper

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Pin. Suck. Smash is a video installation that weaves a layered fictional landscape into a photo collage from a Syrian city archive. The installation captures enduring rituals, with characters crossing dimensions through folio imprints. Symbolic photographs mark distinct rituals, while an experimental video blends film excerpts for cultural exploration. A guiding artifact, the pipe, navigates viewers through occult practices.

The process began with the systematic scanning of objects with biographical references to lessen their impact and create a personal archive. The scans were then used to craft collages that illustrate the emergence of a hybrid construct in a landscape whose objects follow a specific pattern or equation and essentially form a language. The hybrid construct led to the creation of satellites, positioned within the docu-fictional landscape. The docu-fictional narrative originates from the vast archive of photographer Salman Abu Ras. Characters from various dimensions enter into a dialogue through a three-dimensional facade created by layers of photos on foils floating in space. Each selected photo signifies an unalterable ritual: women in a church ceremony, women filtering lintels, and men sharing traditional food. Everyday objects such as bread coexist amidst the architectural elements of the landscape, integrated into a carefully constructed choreography of interactions.

An experimental video that merges the mesmerising movements of the iconic Arab belly dancer Fifi Abdo with footage of women from the Druze community in Syria. Abdo’s enigmatic pipe inhalations challenge societal norms, igniting the exploration of cultural boundaries. This video creates a ritualistic encounter where objects and characters bear symbolic significance. Guided by the pipe, viewers navigate fragmented depictions of occult practices, seamlessly blending Druze pagan rituals with an immersive journey through the underworld. This fusion reveals themes of oppression, tradition, and the transformative power of ritual.


 With an auto-fictional approach, Alina creates hybrids between the political and imaginary, dealing with topics of belonging and complex identities. As a trained architect, she tends to deconstruct and process artefacts and images and their representation and the effect of everyday actions and religious rituals on the body. In doing so, she creates fictional landscapes by experimenting with different mediums in search of other possible narratives. She mainly works with mixed media, especially collage, video, installation and performance. Her works were shown internationally at Attasi Foundation Dubai, Kommunale Gallery Berlin, Station Beirut, Taksheel Gallery Dubai and others.

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Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin