Encounter: Tetuan, Tetuán, تطوان with Adrian Schindler

Date: Wednesday, July 31st

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

The film trilogy “Tetuan, Tetuán, تطوان” deals with Spain’s colonial past in Morocco and the traces it has left in Spanish society through an experimental collaborative methodology, examining both cultural production and public space as well as the collective imaginary. Developed in three cities in dialogue with Moroccan and Spanish cultural agents, each of the chapters explores narrative strategies to resignify places such as the Plaça Tetuan in Barcelona, the neighbourhood of Tetuán de las Victorias in Madrid or the Teatro Cine “Español” in the city of Tétouan, Morocco. Punctuated by readings, songs, informal conversations and fictional scenes at the foot of monuments, in cafés, streets and museums, the project upholds the idea that orality can offer resistance to hegemonic discourses and favours the emergence of other imaginaries.


Adrian Schindler is a French-German artist and filmmaker currently working between Morocco and Spain. His practice addresses the entanglement of historical events, cultural production and state ideology, with a focus on European fascist and colonial legacies. Often collaborative, it takes the form of films, performances, installations and public events. His work has been shown in MACBA (Barcelona), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Collection Lambert (Avignon), Centre d’art Le Lait (Albi), The Green Parrot (Barcelona), Le Centquatre (Paris), FID (Marseille), Mahal Art Space (Tangier), Casa Árabe (Madrid) or Filmoteca de Andalucía (Córdoba).