July 29. Susan Ploetz: Xenosomatics Session/Playtest for “The Guild”

Sunday, July 29, 12:00-17:00
Susan Ploetz: Xenosomatics Session/Playtest for “The Guild”

This special somatics session and playtest is a continuation of the Xenosomatics series being offered at Martin Gropius Bau as a part of the “Welt Ohne Aussen” exhibition. The sessions use breath, observation, movement, and touch to explore the material intelligences of the bodymind/being, which is both our most primal, intimate experience and also sometimes our most alien. How can we develop an intimacy with the alien within/without, how can this re-shape how we think of ourselves as beings?

On July 29th, we focus on: interfacing/playtesting: Interfacing is how two beings come together. We integrate material from previous sessions as we transpose senses and explore different qualities of bodymind material, through ideokinesis, hyperempathy and mindful touch. We will also explore the nervous system, and especially how this comes into play in alien/human encounters as played out in an all-day larp at the Martin Gropius Bau on July 31st. (Which all are welcome to join! Previous attendance to the sessions is encouraged but not mandatory to participate in the larp)

Please wear something comfortable to move in, bring water/snacks, a blanket and/or yoga mat if possible, and be prepared for gentle movement and consensual non-sexual touch.

Suggested donation: 5-40 euros sliding scale (going to the instructor and also to help fund programming at TIER.space)

If interested (or if you have questions), Please RSVP at ploetzly@gmail.com

More information about sessions and the larp can be found on Susan’s website: www.susanploetz.com/Xenosomatics

More information about the Martin Gropius Bau program here.