July 4. Conclusion of Irene Fernández Arcas: Stand By, with HETY TENXDA

Irene Fernández Arcas: Stand By
Conclusion: Saturday, July 4, 14:00-21:00 (RSVP by clicking here)
June 6 – July 4, Thursday-Saturday 14:00-18:00

One of the elements that became quite fundamental during the recent period is the need for self-care. Since a long time, with Audre Lorde we have learned that self-care is an act of political warfare. This time of necessary confinement has shown again and in a new dimension the radicality of her words. The domestic space, as a conceptual and architectural framework, can be seen as a container for life. It is a domain that is demarcated by visible and invisible structures, by interfaces that regulate the flows of information and materials. It is also the inner space of the self, the space of rituals, morning routines, celebrations of joy, practices of health and the rhythms of the body. In her exhibition at TIER, Irene Fernández Arcas introduces installative elements into the space that institute a flow of ideas and resources related to the inner space of the home and the mind. Through a series of activations, including a durational plant cutting exchange that everyone is invited to participate in, the exhibition emphasizes different facets of her practice. She proposes this constellation of materials and affects as a laboratory to develop a domestic ritual, an invitation to create a space of one’s own, a holistic space to connect with processes of commoning. In this way, she recovers elements of joy and astonishment from the forgotten rhythms of life, and indeed before the institutionalization of the domestic space and rationalization of the body as a discrete element separable from the complex whole. Self-care as a counter-disciplinary ritual might be one of the ways the artist is researching to restore those rhythms.

HETY TENXDA is a project that emerged from the personal searches of it’s two members.
As a plastic artist, Luna Carlos Armengod was feeling somehow trapped in the categorisation of the different art disciplines, so in her search for new ways to express her work in a more complete way she decided to include music to her artistic practice.
Isasi Isasi, on the other hand, felt the need to dig deeper in to the artistic and conceptual world and look for new views and solutions to enhance his music production.

So one could say that this project is an attempt to merge both the musical and the plastic world as well as to overcome the boundaries of both.An ongoing search for ways to express what needs to be expressed in the moment, without worrying about it not fitting in.
Without worrying about it not belonging to a predetermined genre or art discipline.

For this particular event HETY TENXDA will show a short video of a house recorded concert. A small selection of the songs they are currently developing; a glimpse to their world and aesthetic.