June 14. Manuel Ángel Macía: On Pharmacoloniality

Thursday, June 14, 19:00
Manuel Ángel Macía: On Pharmacoloniality

An instance of Manuel A. Macía‘s broader research programme on pharmacoloniality, this lecture-performance takes the form of a listening session on Latin American popular music. Turning to the aural spectrum, the session explores and elaborates Puerto Rican Acoustemologist Julio Ramos’ concept of pharmacoloniality. The concept denotes an inverse process of ‘colonisation’, whereby Latin American substances—sugar, tobacco, coffee, cocaine—intervene to stimulate European rationality and co-produce the rhythm of modern temporality.

The event obliquely addresses the propositions of TIER.space, tackling the psychopolitics of cultivation; healing and self-care through narcosis; and the coloniality of sense.