October 1. TIER.cast Episode 3: Maintenance! Domestics as Institutional Becomings

Online from Saturday, October 1, 19:00 Berlin/CET
TIER.cast Episode 3: Maintenance! Domestics as Institutional Becomings
Listen at http://theinstituteforendoticresearch.org/wp/projects-current/tier-cast/

This episode of TIER.cast was recorded at the physical launch event of our publication, The Endotic Reader N.2: Maintenance! Domestics as Institutional Becomings at Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin. It features live readings by Elena Agudio, Renée Akitelek Mboya and Pol Merchan from their contributions to the publication. We hope you enjoy tuning into this special evening in celebration of the publication, and we invite you to download it for free on our website or pick up a physical copy at TIER.

TIER.cast is a long-term series of sonic encounters creating a platform for interdisciplinary intimate, process rather than goal-oriented conversations and listening sessions beginning in February 2021. In each session, the guests are invited to discuss and present with voices and sounds their past and current projects, intellectual and personal inspirations, works-in-progress, work/production methodologies, and practices.

The aim is also to address and challenge the capitalistically and individualistically driven practices of knowledge and art production, as well as the myth of the isolated genius. The interdisciplinary encounter itself is an exercise of collective knowledge-based and practical exchange, and becomes an act of collective production itself.

The sonic and non-visual format is envisioned as a soft intrusion that infiltrates into the domestic spheres, forces self-imagination for the lacking esthetics and focuses on audio imprint of the conversations/speakers. It is a journey through voices, music, noise, sound and silence.

Sound production & mix by Sara Pereira