October 29. Stone Soup served by Daniel Salomon & intro to ‘Infratekture’ by TIER

Monday, October 29, 19:00
Stone Soup served by Daniel Salomon & intro to ‘Infratekture’ by TIER
Stone Soup based on transmediale Study Circles working group meeting

Where are the fluxes of affect to be located when thinking them as infrastructure?
The Institute for Endotic Research proposes a constellation of words as an extension of that question, proposed by the transmediale Study Circle ‘Affective Infrastructures’. This constellation is drawn from Infratekture, a made-up word to mirror the blurry edges of possible affects. We take hold of the prefix Infra-, meaning below but also within, to think about Perec’s Infraordinary and Duchamp’s Inframince. And we place it alongside the Proto-Indo-European root *teks-, the etymological mother of text, textile, techne, technique, tectonic, architecture, hypertext, pretext, context and texture. With this constellation, we sketch a fractured chart to navigate the hazy map of affect.

Daniel Salomon is a visual artist working with food. Through sense-awakening pop-up dinners, workshops, lecture-performances and installations, his aim is to question who we are as individuals and as groups with food as starting point.
Food as the source of nutrients to stay alive and healthy. Food as identity, as what we were given from our upbringing and what we will transmit to our children. Food as the best entry to understand another culture. Food we share around the same table. Food as a daily creative practice. Food as pleasure.
But also the lack of food. The bad food. The toxic food. Malnutrition because of poverty, or because of bad habits. Food as social marker. Obscene consumerism. Eating disorders. Addictions. Healthy diet fundamentalism. Intensive farming, animal abuse and so on.
Daniel is currently working on a series of dishes reflecting upon the great impact humans have on the planet and how likely it is it will bring us to the collapse of the world as we know it. Among other topics the plates talk about climate change, the oil peak, the exhaustion of resources, our financial system, geopolitics, inequalities, polluted oceans, drinking water, biodiversity and more. This project will take form in a series of dinners and a cook book.
Daniel has been a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude and the Delfina Art foundation.

The encounter happens in cooperation with transmediale festival. It is the first event of a program which explores new forms of studying, learning and doing. With direct reference to transmediale 2019, it focuses on cultural emergence and emphasizes the affective capacities of artistic practices, methodologies and pedagogies that can assist in building a space of mutual knowledge and shared experience. As part of this endeavor, transmediale also inaugurates the ‘Study Circles’ format, that is working groups who come together before, during and after the festival. The Study Circle members working on Affective Infrastructures will be joining this introductory event for TIER’s program ‘Infratekture’, having had the first kick off meeting on the same date.

The Study Circles Partner Program is a collaboration with transmediale, supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Photo 3 by Benjamin Busch