Sunday 26.November.Encounter & Listening session: 140bpm with DJ BABA

Dates: Sunday November 26th

Time: 19:00-21:00


We are thrilled to introduce a captivating panel discussion featuring DJ BABA, a prominent figure in the Raptor House scene in Caracas, Venezuela. This event goes beyond the music; it delves into the cultural phenomenon that is Raptor House, a genre that has emerged from the heart of Venezuelan ghettos. In the face of heavy discrimination and adversity, Raptor House has become a powerful, expressive movement that symbolizes resilience and creativity in the urban landscapes of Caracas. Raptor House, born from the streets and inspired by the realities of marginalized communities, has proven to be a driving force of empowerment and artistic innovation. This event promises to be an engaging experience for those who are curious about the transformative power of music and its ability to transcend boundaries.



DJ BABATR  “THE RAPTOR” Raptor House, is a musical genre and peripheral cultural movement originating in Caracas at late 90s, popularized during massive daytime raves called “matinés” , which channeled the adrenaline and energetic vibe of the popular neighborhoods of the capital of Venezuela.  For the most part, the DNA of Raptor House leads us to its creator, DJ BABATR, who is the initiator and representative of the irrefutable and original underground electronic music movement that imploded in the ghettos of Caracas, representing the sound of youth from neighborhoods like Petare, las lomas, la cota o Catia,  DJ BABATR is the reflection of the Venezuelan sound that rethinks and reinterprets electronic music from its own context and flavor, transgressing pre-established parameters that previously influenced the Venezuelan scene, taking genres such as hard techno and ghetto house as a starting point, added to an immeasurable technical recursiveness and avid musical exploration that result in the foundations of a massive cultural movement intimately linked to the neighborhood.  DJ BABATR is the reliable representation of a musical movement that transcended from loudness to a social outburst that fought daily against a social stigma, resonating and resisting in dance, music and raves with its own strident and iconic sound, 100% made in the Venezuelan Ghetto.


No RSVP required

Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin