Thursday 14. December. (dis)appear – Performance Workshop led by Patricia Woltmann

Dates: Thursday December 14th
Time: 19:00-21:00

Touching beginnings and endings: In the fabric of our lives, touch is omnipresent. From the air we breathe to the ground beneath our feet, every movement, every entrance, and every exit leaves an imprint. Join us in this laboratory of exploration, where we navigate the intricacies of space in our togetherness, orchestrating the dance of corporeality.
Key Themes:
Breath and Air: How do we touch the air with our breath, shaping our presence?
Movement and Ground: Exploring the touch between our bodies and the ground we tread.
Togetherness: Negotiating space, distance, and proximity in the interconnectivity of bodies.
Arrivals and Departures: Understanding the nuances of presence and absence in our corporeal journey.

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Max. 15 people

Patricia Woltmann is a choreographer, dancer and performance artist. Working with dance-based performance and video, Patty explores concepts related to the transformative potential of the body – presence in relation to absence and memory. In her performances, she creates space for collective, embodied experiences. She holds an M.A. in Dance Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma from Trinity Laban, London. Prior to this she studied contemporary dance at Erika Klütz School, Hamburg. Her performance – and video works have been presented across several countries, e.g. England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil. Recently Patricia has been a recipient of the Solo-Dis-Tanz Stipend by BKM, Neustart Kultur (2022). In 2022 she was artist-in-residence at AADK Spain, where she researched and presented on the theme of touch, presence and absence (“closer”, “for record”). In 2020 she produced two films, “untitled” commissioned by Bode Museum Berlin, and “dislocated angle”, developed during her residency with Kinitiras/Athens and Goethe Institut Athens. Commissions include Museo del Chopo/ Mexico City and KW Institute of Contemporary Art/ Berlin. Her group work “To: my future body” (2019) was presented at KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin. Since 2017 she is a collaborator of lab.Bode, Bode Museum Berlin. Her performance “drive” (2014) was presented at Museo de Chopo, Mexico City. Under the collective patty&britty, Patty developed together with dance artist Britta Pudelko the video and performance series “molecules”.

Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin