Tuesday 31.October. La Retaguardia / Listening to those who came before, whispering to those who will come after. Archive, counter-memories and collective practices. Publication Screen and encounter: with Anaïs Florin.

Dates: Tuesday October 31st

Publication Screen: November & December

Time: 19:00-21:00


La Retaguardia is a choral, visual and experiential story about El Punt. Espai de lliure aprenentatge. El Punt, is a collective, self-managed and non-profit project that aims to create a Documentation Center and Library on social movements. El Punt is also a social and cultural space that functions as a meeting place for other collectives that may need to use the space or consult its collections, in addition to carrying out different activities such as exhibitions, talks, book presentations and workshops. The choral narrative is the result of the articulation of different interviews and conversations held during the last year with some of the people linked to the Punt. Throughout these interviews, we addressed different topics such as the political importance that these people gave to a project like this, whether in terms of the social library or documentation center or also the type of militancy that characterizes the Punt: an activity far from what we identify as “front line” activities, more visible and more epic. A work in the shadows, a rigorous work that is in charge of sustaining in time the stories that happen around it. A long-term and slow-paced task inseparable from the coexistence that all of them name. A rearguard for the antagonistic memory.



Anaïs Florin‘s work belongs to the territory of intervention in public space and gives particular importance to collaborative practices with other cultural agents and platforms of citizen resistance. With the aim of generating new social narratives, she is particularly interested in the memory of places and their inhabitants, as well as in the struggles associated with territorial transformations. Her work combines visual practices with activist practices through banners, billboards, photography and social gatherings. Taking the archive as a starting point, Florin builds new narratives of participation through interviews, attentive listening and cooperation. Most of her projects are committed to the collective appropriation of urban spaces, always towards care for the local environment and its long-term sustainability.  https://anaisflorin.com/


No RSVP required

Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin