April 14. Politics of Fugitivity. An encounter with Dami Sainz Edwards

Politics of Fugitivity. An encounter with Dami Sainz Edwards

Friday April 14


As black queer people in the contemporary global north we live in constant fugitivity, in a dialectic dynamic of visibility and invisibility, of systemic erasure and diabolic overexposure of our bodies, narratives, spiritualities. We exist constantly in between the utopian desire for freedom and beauty and the quotidian expressions of violence that we are exposed to. We live and love as ghosts, in a liminal space and time, trying everyday not to shipwreck. Dami Sainz Edwards’s film work attempts to follow and embrace the energy of this ghostlike experience of the world with characters and stories that challenge our normative ideas about time, nation, family, borders, and affections. In this session, the Caribbean filmmaker will share their films, ideas, and rituals on the aesthetics and politics of fugitivity.


Dami Sainz Edwards is a Caribbean filmmaker and visual artist based in Barcelona, Catalunya. They have directed several short films, which have been selected and awarded in prestigious film festivals and art galleries worldwide. Their films explore the relationship between race, gender, family and nation. Sainz Edwards studied in Cuba, Canada and Switzerland, teaches at the EICTV San Antonio de Los Baños and has been invited for lectures at Dartmouth College, UPenn, UNAM, Tulane among other universities, art centers and festivals. Their latest short film, Los Cimarrones, is a character study of their debut feature film Fallen, on development stage.

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Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin