Monday 5. Tip of the tongue. An encounter with Claudia Claremi

June Monday 5


The experience of having something on the “tip of the tongue” is a common psychological phenomenon. In a way, it represents a place in memory that is just out of reach, waiting to be accessed. Claudia Claremi’s work in exploring collective experiences, memories, and shared imaginaries is like delving into the realm of the “tip of the tongue,” exploring the depths of memory and the unconscious to reveal structures of Western modernity that are hidden from view. By creating experiential spaces and utilizing participatory processes, films become powerful tools for addressing issues such as embodiment, memory, diaspora, and coloniality. Her films create physical and sensory experiences for the viewer, and her approach to moving images is multidisciplinary, including video, analogue film, installation, photography, archive, or text. ‘Colonial amnesia’ and ‘La memoria de las frutas’ are some of the projects that we’ll be discussing in this session.



Claudia Claremi is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Madrid, Spain. She has earned degrees in Documentary Film from the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba), Fine Arts from University of the Arts London (UK), and the Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana (Cuba). Her work has been exhibited in art galleries and film festivals worldwide, including screenings and awards at festivals such as Ann Arbor, Raindance, Ji.hlava, Oberhausen, FIC Guadalajara, Documentamadrid, Márgenes, Lo Schermo dell’Arte, Vienna Shorts, Makedox, and the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, among others.


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Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin