December 1. Presentation of Agathe Bauer

Sunday, December 1, 19:00
Presentation of Agathe Bauer

‘Issue Zero: Picking Up Promises’ features contributions by: Gabriela Acha, [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)], Lynn Hershman Leeson, Romy Kießling, Markues, Luzie Meyer, Maru Mushtrieva, Claudia Pagès, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Miriam Stoney, Christine Sun Kim, Eric Winkler, Miriam Yammad, Anna Zett.

The title of publication series ‘Agathe Bauer’ stands for a broadly misheard hook “I’ve got the power” from a German 1990 Eurodance hit ‘The Power’ by the band Snap!. The hook that turned the song into a hit, came from Jocelyn Brown’s track ‘Love’s Gonna Get You’, but neither her name nor the track appear in the credits. And, here is where Agathe Bauer comes in – a mysterious being who acquires agency through the homophonic misinterpretation of the main hook “I’ve got the power”. In ‘Issue Zero: Picking Up Promises’ Agathe has an agenda. Nothing could be as it would have been, but she is here to trace the sources of how it has become. Agathe Bauer is here to analyse the capacity of misinterpretation to unveil asymmetric power structures in knowledge systems and by tuning into the social-political, cultural and aesthetic dimension of it.

Conceptualised and edited by Gabriela Acha, Romy Kießling, Maru Mushtrieva. Graphic design: Timur Akhmetov. Published by TLTRPreß.


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As part of the launch, there will be readings and performances by [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)], Eric Winkler and Anna Zett.

Born 1981 in Berlin, Erik Winkler studied Fine Arts at Kunsthochschule Weissensee Berlin and Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts, Jerusalem.
Winkler works with protocols related to specific contexts such as fashion, mixing those with one another in an apparently nonsensical twist. This twist happens as certain symbolics of power structures and social behaviours are decontextualised and performed in a brand new way. For instance uniforms, symbolising authority, whose regular understanding is hacked through colourful patterns and prints associated with opposite more festive and friendly connotations. Very often Winkler develops his work as interventions in public space, through graffiti for instance, also twisting meanings of already existing statements. Through his work Winkler questions rhetorics of authority, power relations (chronology missing–will add later in the day) and authorship.

Anna Zett is an artist and writer, born in Leipzig, living in Berlin. Once trained in theory, she is now trying to link past and future using screen, voice, story and performance. Zett’s work has been presented at museums, galleries, film festivals, universities and broadcast on public radio. Besides she is currently co-hosting the participatory dance show Copy&Dance based at Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin. Sometimes Anna Zett’s work is a celebration of the brain –and the terror of depending on the brain– and other times, it is an acceptance of failure. In her words, her films, writings and performative actions, deal with “the problem of dialogue and the promise of communication”. From performing fights-boxing sessions to researching dinosaur bones in remote spots of the United States, her scope of interests is quite wide, dealing mainly with misunderstood narratives, which have become therefore structures of power and colonial domination.

[{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)] (born Cibelle Cavalli Bastos in São Paulo, Brazil, 1978) is a visual artist and musician based in London, Berlin and São Paulo. They graduated in 2015 from the Royal College of Art in London. [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)] has released four music albums and has performed and presented work in venues such as Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, ICA London, Carnegie Hall New York, Serpentine Marathon, 28th and 31st São Paulo Biennial among others. [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)] has a conceptual, expanded field and interdisciplinary practice that includes thought production, performance, sound art, video, painting, sculpture and installation. Currently operating daily through social media stories under @aevtarperform, researching intrapolitics and devising nanopolitics through deprogramming self/ID of societal malware at a personal and collective level, their work addresses the deconstruction and formation of identities and what stands in between the self and presence as our multi-selves interact with each other and our surroundings. #deprogramming