November 9. 2nd International Encounter of Objects and Walls

Saturday, November 9th, 17:00
2nd International Encounter of Objects and Walls. Screenings, interventions and reggaeton as critical responses to contemporary walls.
Objects Before and After the Wall, Part 4

For the final presentation of Objects Before and After the Wall at TIER, a collaboration with Tlaxcala 3 in Mexico City, we will present the 2nd International Encounter of Objects and Walls. Tlaxcala 3 and the Institute for Endotic Research made an open invitation to creators, participants in the study circle: Objects before and after the wall and anyone who felt affinity with this research, to investigate and present contemporary walls by making a critical cross between: investigated walls / objects before and after of the wall / landscapes and scenarios of the wall / key concepts. This, by reconstructing their contexts of production, consolidation, hardening; the ways in which their control mechanisms have materialized, embodied, and assumed “natural” through a diversity of everyday and extraordinary devices.

Presenting a wall for this Encounter also implies an observation position: specific contexts and conjunctures, partial views, provisional reflections. Whoever presents objects narrates, activates and / or performs their stories, what they “have to say” in the present. This Encounter incorporates experimentation and chance as part of collective research. Encounter as a synonym for meeting or appointment (or blind date), coincidence, finding and dialogue of multiple voices.—>

With collaborations by:

Adriana Salazar, Alí Cotero, Camilo Castaño, Clara Bolívar, Víctor Navarro, Alberto Pacheco Benites, Alejandra Aragón, Ana Iram, Iris Díaz, Maire Reyes, Marcia Santos, Nayeli Hernández, Olga Guerra, Paloma Galaviz, Alejandra Tashko, Hitzamo Beltrán, Juan David Polo, Ana María Garzón Mantilla, Giulianna Zambrano, Sofía Acosta, Andrea Carrillo, Juan Antonio del Monte, Beatriz Millón, Centro de Estudios de Arte Anticomunista, Casa Vidrio, Catrileo + Carrión, Daniela Medina Poch, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Diana Buitrón, Lorena Tabares, Diana Cantarey, Donají Marcial, Elizabeth Mejía, Emmanuel Rosas, Mitzi Castillo, Enrique López Llamas, Fiamma Montezemolo, Francisco González Castro, German Paley, Irene Trejo, Javier Anaya, José Luis Benavides, Kriss Reyes, Marisol García Walls, Miguel Fernández de Castro, oro oro oro, Tomás Villalobos Moreno y Yorely Valero

Venues for the Encounter:

Art Office, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Casa CentroX16, Ciudad Juárez, México
Casa Vidrio,  Guadalajara, México
Deslave, Tijuana, México
Global Center for Advanced Studies, South American Collective + Centro de Estudios de Cosas Lindas e Inútiles, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Khora, Quito, Ecuador
Maleza Proyectos, Bogotá, Colombia
No-Automático, Monterrey, México
Supplement Projects, Miami, EUA
The Institute for Endotic Research, Berlín, Alemania
Tlaxcala 3, Ciudad de México, México

Objects Before and After The Wall
This project analyzes the wall as an object from different angles: thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, twenty-five years after the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement and in the geopolitical framework that requires research in Mexico it’s border condition with Central America and with the United States. The wall as an ideological space and the relationship between objects and walls. The notion of the liminal, the crack, the border and other possible unfoldings.
This event is part of a collaboration between Tlaxcala 3 in Mexico City, The Institute for Endotic Research and Berlin Art Prize. Objects Before and After the Wall is a collaboration between Tlaxcala 3 in Mexico City and The Institute for Endotic Research in Berlin. It has the 2019 sponsorship of the Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporéneo for theoretical and curatorial research.