Encounter: ‘Rest Your Identity’ with Ju Bavyka

Date: Thursday, June 13th

Time: 19:00 – 21:00


Ju Bavyka will offer ‘Rest Your Identity’, a performative facilitation practice that leans on meditation. A continuation of their long-term project ‘On Rest’, this practice examines our relationships to aspects of our identity, including habits or social roles, that get overworked in everyday life. This overwork can be a response to social injustice, patriarchy, gendered roles, being disabled, or to the self-exploitation of one’s ethnic and cultural background in order to exist and survive in contexts where identity and diversity politics are foregrounded. After a short introduction, participants are invited to follow a guided meditation and to identify parts of themself that require a little rest, revision, and kind reintegration on better terms. 

Ju considers this a decolonial practice that fosters empowerment through the offer of developing attention and slowing down. A space for encounter and possible connection is created during the discussion afterwards.


Ju Bavyka is a visual artist, writer and community organiser. They create from a queer, forager perspective and are interested in practices of hospitality and generosity. Ju lives, works and rests on unceded Gadigal Wangal lands in so-called Sydney, Australia, and sometimes in Berlin. They have ties to Kazakhstan and Germany through their birth, education, community connections and family history. 


No RSVP required

Event held onsite: Donaustr. 84, 12043 Berlin