Encounter: Summoning – a spatial conversation on and with the ghostly with Lisa Hoffmann and Liese Schmidt

Date: Sunday, June 16th

Time: 12:00 to 24:00

Over the course of twelve hours “summoning” is a collective research and exhibition-in-process event under the motif of the séance, consisting of talks, performances and radio- and media-artistic interventions. The event is the visualisation and spatialisation of collaborative research that takes place within a Telegram group and other channels. Guests and the audience are asked before and during the event, to respond to the invitation to the séance with questions, ideas, research, text, images, videos and more about the ghostly and that or those which and who haunt. Starting at noon with an empty room, all collected material will appear in the space in the form of ongoing actions and appearances until midnight.

“Summoning” happens in three parts:

Establishing contact

12:00 to 18:00

performative installing and uninstalling of research and artistic contributions as a collective process

participants TBA


18:00 to 22:00

sound performances, lectures and screenings, programme TBA


22:00 to 24:00

collective mirroring of impressions and apparitions


Lisa Hoffmann and Liese Schmidt work as artists in different media and formats but with a common focus on time-based media and media theory. Their work ranges from film and video to collaborative projects and radio making. Together and apart they have been approaching this topic from both theoretical research and sound, video and sculptural experiments. As a collective, they aim to establish an ongoing exchange and research at a distance with multiple voices and participants, to examine what collaboration might be between humans and non-humans alike – including the technical devices, their materials, different voices and tonalities.


Lisa Hoffman: https://lshhhh.net, @omgirlwtf

Liese Schmidt: www.lieseschmidt.online, @liese_broccoli