February 8. Cartesian obscenities. An encounter with Sergio Zevallos

Saturday, February 8, 19:00
Cartesian obscenities
An encounter with Sergio Zevallos

Sergio Zevallos’ contribution to the encounter at The Institute for Endotic Research follows his investigations of intentional language disorders. His methods include taking popular expressions and applying surgical operations to displace signifiers related to socioeconomic and racial categories, or connected to the normativity of the body and its affects. With this he creates syncopated structures by making use of the sonorities and meanings of language. He will present the development of these ideas from his drawing praxis to his recent sound compositions.

Sergio Zevallo‘s work is focused on the relation between individuals and power, and between private and public spheres. He is Co-founder of the Grupo Chaclacayo (1982-1995), a collective known for its performances denouncing the sexual and racial violence of the armed conflicts in Peru. He works with installations, drawings, writings, photography, sound and performance, often combining several of these practices. In 2018 he received the HAP Grieshaber Art Prize from the Stiftung Kunstfonds and the VG Bild-Kunst. He also participated at the documenta 14.