June 8. La iglesia del reggaeton

Saturday, June 8, 19:00–21:00
La iglesia del reggaeton
La iglesia del reggaeton is finally going to be founded in Berlin!

La Iglesia del Reggaeton (Church of Reggaeton) is a collaboration of Radio Carabuco (Reverend Andrés Pereira Paz) and Reverend Chaveli Sifre that aims to exorcise stiffness while establishing itself as a living monument for the Latinx community in Berlin. This iglesia takes the Latin American evangelical right-wing churches as a point of departure and is now looking for new adepts in Germany. To do so, various artists from different parts of Latin America are planning conspiratorial collaborations, promising to remove rules from Germany as well as from all sorts of bodies inhabiting Berlin.

Join us this 8th of June and get your soul dirty at La Iglesia del Reggaeton!

Andrés Pereira Paz (La Paz, Bolivia, 1986)
Lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the Hernando Siles Arts Academy in La Paz and at the Tres de Febrero University in Buenos Aires. Has done residencies in Bolivia, England, Chile, Argentina, Germany and Peru. His most recent exhibitions include: Radio Carabuco at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Salón Santa Cruz at Kiosko Galería, Santa Cruz de la Sierra; Blue eyes at the Ryder Gallery, London; Rayo Purita at Crisis Galería, Lima; Adam at Dot Fifty One Gallery, Miami; I am he as you are she as you are me at House of Egorn, Berlin; HAWAPI- the Terrestrian Triangle at Cerrillos Cultural Centre, Santiago de Chile; Open Studios at Gasworks, London; Contextos Biennale at the National Museum of Art, La Paz, among others. He is also part of the Bisagra project in Lima along with Eliana Otta, Juan Diego Tobalina, Florencia Portocarrero, Iosu Aramburu and Miguel
At the moment he is a Künstlerhaus Bethanien resident in Berlin.

Chaveli Sifre was born in Würzburg, Germany, in 1987 to Puerto Rican parents. She has a Bachelor in Image and Movement from the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico and is finishing a Masters in Museumsmanagement from the HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Sifre has participated in a variety of exhibitions including “Welt ohne Außen” in Gropius Bau, “Perspektive Wechseln” in Hamburger Bahnhof and her recent solo show, “Personal Attention”, at La Estacion Espacial in Puerto Rico curated by Guillermo Rodriguez, where she made her first formal explorations on energy, therapy, and healing performances. She co-founded Scent Club Berlin, a community of artists, designers, and scientists focusing on scent and olfaction as a medium. The artist sings and writes for the pop band House of Life and co-directs Brown Coins, an online magazine for art, film, and magic.

Photos by Benjamin Busch