May 9. Venice. Everyday, Everyday. Organized by Arts of the Working Class, The Institute for Endotic Research and Broken Dimanche Press

Thursday, May 9, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Everyday, Everyday
Organized by Arts of the Working Class, The Institute for Endotic Research and Broken Dimanche Press

Location: Venice, Italy
Sede Terese, Università Iuav di Venezia
Dorsoduro, 2206, 30123 Venezia

Hosted for the students of the class of Professor Angela Vettese and Teaching Assistant Veronica Bellei of the Advanced course of Visual Arts, and visitors of the preview days of La Biennale di Venezia, the event will encompass an academic lecture and a public breakfast.

Arts of the Working Class, The Institute for Endotic Research and Broken Dimanche Press are joining forces to organize “Everyday, Everyday” — a gathering alongside alimentary pleasures, the event will be spiced with a series of readings that deal with the quotidian in different degrees.

With the publishers of AWC – Alina Kolar, María Inés Plaza Lazo and Paul Sochacki – and guests: Sara Dolfi Agostini (Associate Editor of AWC’s anniversary issue), Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein (Independent Author and Curator), Lotte Løvholm (Researcher and Curatorial Fellow at Konstfack’s CuratorLab ), John Holten (Broken Dimanche Press) and The Institute for Endotic Research (Benjamin Busch & Lorenzo Sandoval).

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Arts of the Working Class

Introducing Art of Darkness – Anniversary Issue

The street newspaper on art and society, wealth and poverty, Arts of the Working Class (AWC) celebrates the first year of its commitment to the universal basic need for art. The publication has multiple functions – as a social tool for immediate financial reprieve for our vendors, as a catalyst for academic news, theories and ideas, and as an art object adorning lush coffee tables, public or domestic. Published every two months, AWC redistributes cultural and economical value within and beyond the art system, in order to dismantle its borders.

It contains contributions by artists and thinkers from different fields and in different languages. Its terms are based upon the working class, meaning everyone, and it reports everything that belongs to everyone. Every individual who sells this paper earns money directly. Every artist whose work is advertised, designs its substance with us. Every institution that supports us aids the expansion of artistic exchange with all members and outsiders of society.

AWC is published by Paul Sochacki, María Inés Plaza Lazo and Alina Kolar for the streets of the world. Art of Darkness will be presented during the summer on the streets of Venice, Frankfurt, Valletta, Berlin & New York. During the workshop, the editors will go through the different contributions by the Alphabet Collection (Mohammed Salemy & Patrick Schabus), Shastika Andara, Arshad Akim, Avenir Institute, Barbara Casavecchia, Merlin Carpenter, Simon Denny, Sara Dolfi Agostini, Jimmie Durham, Hallie Frost, Queering Space (Loren Britton, Johnathan Payne and Asad Pervaiz), Kate Fahey, Nschotschi Haslinger, Juliet Jacques, Hassan Khan, Lorenzo Marsili, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Ángels Miralda Tena, Amalia Pica, Joanna Piotrowska, Laure Prouvost, Rob Pruitt, Christoph Sehl.

The current group show at the contemporary art space Blitz in Malta ‚Face with Tears of Joy‘ – with artists Cory Arcangel, Simon Denny, Andy Holden, Maurice Mbikayi, Alexandra Pace, Rob Pruitt, Paul Sochacki, Amalia Ulman, Serena Vestrucci – carries on Blitz’s project by critically engaging with today’s visual culture, a shifting territory of symbols and strategies influenced by media, apps and texting systems. It is curated by Sara Dolfi Agostini, who also worked as associate editor for the current issue. She will give glimpses in her curatorial and editorial practice.

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

– The Book as an Atmosphere

Introduction to The Endotic Reader N.1 by Benjamin Busch and Lorenzo Sandoval, founders of

The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER). It began in 2015 as a fictional institution understood as a habitable sculpture. It has since brought different practices together, namely architecture, art, mediation and curation, to foster a transdisciplinary approach. Its experimental program has been composed of series of workshops, seminars and public events to act as a support-structure, articulating collaborations with architects, scientists, artists, choreographers, philosophers, curators, cooks and others.

– Nebenjob

Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein will read from her most recent text Nebenjob and Lucia Berlin’s My Jockey. Chakraverti-Wuerthwein is a curator and researcher living and working in Berlin. She graduated in 2016 from Haverford College, with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and History of Art. Since 2016 she has been part of SAVVY Contemporary, starting with her involvement in the film series how does the world breathe now?, of which she was a co-curator. In addition to her work at SAVVY, she works as a curatorial advisor to Sinema Kundura in Istanbul, Turkey and as the Curatorial Assistant for the 2019 Berlin Art Prize. Past positions include working as a research assistant for Wu Tsang and Eli Cortiñas. She is currently co-curator of the year-long film series Residing in the Borderlands at SAVVY Contemporary.

– The Readymades

John Holten will read from his forthcoming novel, coming out in September 2019. The section in question is set in Venice during the biennials of 2001 and 2003. The Readymades features artwork by Darko Dragičević and deemed ‘one of the best works of art to come out of Berlin in recent years’ by Art in America when it first appeared in 2011. It tells the story of a collection of friends who took part in the Yugoslavian wars of the 1990s, before going on to become celebrated artists. It recounts their loves, their struggles and the weight of history as they blaze a trail across Europe. Holten is a writer and artist based between Berlin and Ireland. He has been awarded Literature Bursaries from the Arts Council of Ireland, most recently in 2017. His writing has recently been included in The Other Irish Tradition (Dalkey Archive Press) as well as in Electric Literature, Frieze and Hotel.

– Museum of Care

Lotte Løvholm will read from ‘Museum of Care’, which unfolds like a play with the protagonists being an art museum and five paintings, and the Two World Wars being our antagonists. The five paintings are related to Løvholm’s own family story in Latvia and connected to Baltic nation state building in the aftermath of WWI and exile from Latvia to Sweden as a result of WWII and Soviet Occupation. In 1939 Malmö Museum in Southern Sweden received a donation from private donor Oscar Elmquist with the purpose of establishing a ‘Latvian collection’ at the museum. ‘Museum of Care’ uncovers the background of this forgotten collection of 45 Latvian artworks. Lotte Løvholm is an independent curator and editor based in Copenhagen. She holds a BA in Theatre Research, an MA in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies and is a curatorial fellow at Konstfack’s CuratorLab. She is interested in the dialogue between art and ethics in her research which take the form of exhibitions, seminars, performance programmes and publications.

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