October 16. Josep Maynou: TIME. Editing Spaces, Part 3

Wednesday, October 16, 19:00
Josep Maynou: TIME
Editing Spaces, Part 3

Josep Maynou’s multidisciplinary approach is both performative and object based. It comes together as a form of contemporary storytelling, a fictional take on everyday life in the form of humorous ideas that expand onto his objects. The sculptures he makes are at once illustrations of these ideas, as much as they are props and stages where the narrative takes place. Maynou uses common domestic materials and practical tools that are often discarded or hidden to create anthropomorphous utensils. His projects are scenarios for action that allow both functionality and absurdity at the same time.

For his performance at TIER, Maynou will present TIME, a show set on a stage designed by the artist with some of the recurrent artefacts in his work that guide and provide a score for the live event. TIME is at once a performance, a song and a movie script: based on a hypothetical film about a graffiti artist who opens portals on the walls, it takes the word time as a form and plays with all its connotations in Maynou’s emblematic humorous act.

Josep Maynou (Barcelona, 1980) lives and works between Paris and Berlin. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, Faculta de Belas Artes Porto in Porto and Middlesex University in London. His recent solo shows include To bow at the beginning not at the end (Collection Born, Munich), Leisure (Bombon Projects, Barcelona 2017), Thing1, Thing2 (Broken Dimanche, Berlin 2017), Things: To do (Beverly’s, NYC 2017) or The Ninja from Marrackech (Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin 2015).  His work has been shown at group exhibitions such as Swamp Horses (Spirit Vessel, Espinavessa, 2019), Alpina huus
(Le Commun, Geneve 2017), How to do things (Lehman&Silva, Porto 2017), My body doesnt like summer (Haverkampf Gallery, Berlin 2018), Black Garden (Galería Louis 21, Palma de Mallorca 2018), Hunter of worlds (SALTS Basel 2018); and art fairs such as Arco Lisboa, Code Art Fair Copenhague, and Sunday Art Fair London (2018). His most recent performances include Pane Per Poveri (Laatrac, 14th Documenta, Athens 2017, Making Public Program (Fundació Tapies, Barcelona 2017) and Material Art fair (Mexico City 2016).

Editing Spaces
One of the meanings of the word publication is to make something public. If the relations between local and global are regarded as a text that can be read through contemporary art practices, a pertinent tactic would be to substitute the idea of exhibition with publication. This means to understand exhibitions as narrative machines, as expanded books that can also unfold a set of other possibilities such as cross-temporal approaches, choreography of bodies moving through the extensive idea of text and support structures.

The work of the artists/curators invited to Editing Space develops from translations from texts to installations, from transitions between the written and the performative.

With: Discoteca Flaming Star, Alicia Kopf, Josep Maynou, Mattin and Laura Vallés

Supported by the program PICE of Acción Cultural Española

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