October 17. Museum of Care. Encounter with Lotte Løvholm

Thursday, October 17, 19:00
Museum of Care
Encounter with Lotte Løvholm

How are museums vehicles for nation state building? And how are artists? ‘Museum of Care’ looks at a forgotten collection of artworks in Malmö Konstmuseum. The museum located in Southern Sweden received a donation from private donor Oscar Elmquist in 1939 with the purpose of establishing a ‘Latvian collection’ at the museum. Seven months later Latvia was first occupied by the Soviet Army, then Nazi Germany, and finally underwent 45 years of Soviet occupation. Many Latvians fled and in 1947 the museum exhibited Latvian exile artists and more artworks were added to the “Latvian collection”. The collection was on permanent display until 1958 and was then taken down and forgotten. ‘Museum of Care’ connects this collection of 45 Latvian artworks with Lotte Løvholm’s own family story in Latvia with her grandmother fleeing Latvia to Denmark and never talking about her home country.

Lotte Løvholm is an independent curator and editor from Copenhagen. She is the curator of ‘Le Soin des Possible / The Care of the Possible’ at 1.1 in Basel, ‘AUTO FLT AP OFF’ at X and Beyond in Copenhagen and ‘Algoritm’ at Kunsthal Aarhus. She holds a BA in Theatre Research and Performance Studies from the University of Copenhagen (2010), an MA in Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen (2014) and graduated from the curatorial programme at Konstfack in Stockholm, CuratorLab (18/19). Previously she has been a curatorial assistant at Arken – Museum of Modern Art, research assistant for Maria Lind and Cecilia Widenheim at Malmö Konstmuseum, and from 2014-2017 she was the curatorial assistant to Solvej Ovesen and Bonaventure Ndikung in Berlin. She writes articles for exhibition catalogs and art journals including Kunstkritik, kunsten.nu and Peripeti Journal. She is the editor of publications ‘Say It Loud!’ (2016), ‘Marronage’ (2017), ‘Museum of Care’ (2019) and ‘The Care of the Possible’ (2019). Currently she is editing ‘Algorithm’ with Anne Kølbæk Iversen from Aarhus University as part of Contemporary Condition’s series, published by Sternberg Press.

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