September 1. 1st International Encounter of Objects Without People (live stream)

Saturday, September 1, 20:20-22:30 Berlin Time
1st International Encounter of Objects Without People
Live stream from Biquini Wax EPS (Mexico City) will be showing a video live stream of the 1st International Encounter of Objects Without People, from 20:20 Berlin Time. We are joining an array of spaces syndicating the Spanish-language broadcast (English translations will be available).

For the following information in Spanish, please visit:

The twenty-five objects will be found Saturday, September 1 at Biquini Wax EPS, an interdependent laboratory located in Mexico City. The objects will be presented as part of a collective research around the political stories of the objects. This meeting will be broadcast live at independent spaces in Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Guatemala City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Quito, Santiago de Chile and Tijuana.

Biquini Wax EPS operates a Temple of Subcritical Studies, composed of a series of study and reading circles on contemporary art, in which different matters related to art are discussed. During the months of June and July of 2018, Clara Bolívar and Biquini Wax EPS coordinated the study and reading circle entitled Political History of Objects.

During the nine sessions, the participants read and discussed philosophers, artists and writers who thought and conceptualized the objects from several angles; all of them developed their work throughout the 20th century. The readings allowed to trace the objects’ links between Mexico, Europe and Latin America. Walter Benjamin, Georges Perec, Cecilia Vicuña, John Berger, Sophie Calle, Bruno Latour, Melquiades Herrera, Patricio Pron, Artie Vierkant and Hito Steyerl accompanied the thoughts surrounding the objects. The sessions also included special guests who accompanied the readings: the sociologist Irene Álvarez, the historian Omar Olivares, the artist Juan Obando and the group of subcritical studies, the Yacuzis (with the curators Julio García Murillo and Roselin Rodríguez).

The circle, free and open to the public, had as its only requirement that the participants chose an object that they would investigate over two months. The object allowed different profiles to converge for those whom it is a topic of fundamental reflection: artists, curators, cultural managers, designers, architects and philosophers. The attendees thus participated in a collective investigation based on the following objects: bench, clay block, concrete block, masking tape, bed, chewing gum, skull, spoon, plastic dinosaur, Elegua, balloon, found IDs, syringe, book, sandpaper, light, bread doll, shovel, paper, umbrella, belly button lint, philosopher’s stone, toy gun, laser gun and chair.

This circle already had its first results; the intellectual and affective bonds began and continue to be woven between collaborators, national and international spaces where it will be transmitted. Spaces that will be open to receive the public are: Deslave (Tijuana), Casa Vidrio y Paos GDL (Guadalajara), NoAutomático (Monterrey), MANIFESTO – space (Guatemala City, Guatemala), Maleza proyectos (Bogotá, Colombia), Escuela C.A.P.A. (Santiago de Chile, Chile), 1st Small Art Salon of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Khôra (Quito, Ecuador) and The Institute for Endotic Research (Berlin, Germany).

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Biquini Wax EPS is an interdependent laboratory located in Mexico City. Exhibitions of contemporary art, poetry encounters and discussions on economics, philosophy, aesthetics, politics, art history and other bioalchemical invocations are held. Four hundred people, a turtle and an alien work together as a team.

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