September 25. Elymus Repens at Bar Babette, with contribution by

Tuesday, September 25, from 18:00
Elymus Repens at Bar Babette
With contribution by

A proposal by Lucile Bouvard

Silva Agostini, Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld (Very) — Kathrin Sonntag
Benjamin Busch, Lorenzo Sandoval ( — Alice Morey
Susanne Kriemann (ABA) — Graham Kelly
Adrien Missika (Belo Campo) — Sâadane Afif
Lin May Saeed (Center) — Emmanuelle Castellan
Maik Schierloh (Autocenter) — Marie Reinert
Hagen Schümann (Åplus) — Philip Newcombe

End of September, Bar Babette will have to leave its legendary building on Karl-Marx-Allee. Over its 15 years of existence, it has become an institution and a gathering place for the many crossing communities of Berlin’s art scene.

In this phase of change and transition, the exhibition Elymus Repens pays a homage to Bar Babette’s relentless artistic activism and furthermore to the vivacity and diversity of Berlin’s off-space flora. The show will gather Berlin-based artists, who have created spaces to initiate dialogues and give visibility to the works of other artists. It will focus on their works as well as on their role as curators, initiators or art activists. Each of them are solicited to invite another artist, who they have previously shown or want to show.

Reflecting the permanent disappearance and growth of off spaces and a selective view, the selection presented includes new and long-established initiatives, as well as former off spaces that have played an important role in the development of the city’s art scene.

Bar Babette
Karl-Marx-Allee 36
10178 Berlin

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