February Monday 29th, at 19:00, TIER: Notes on The Inframince with Renata Har.

Working with existing objects that tend to be overshadowed within the cursory glance, the artist expresses her interest in, constructing visibility from almost nothing. Unnoticed stories, engraved in unnoticed materials: in Har’s work, narratives can linger or be traced through objects. Notions of impermanence and destruction constitute a central concern. Although Har does not have a preferred material, paper plays an important role in her pieces, using various techniques to add another layer of dimensionality. More than testing its sculptural properties, Har uses paper as a medium for experimenting with the Duchampian idea of the tenuous interval between two elements – the infrathin. Thus, Har seeks to create ambiances where the latent tension produced by the encounter of objects is present.

Born in São Paulo in 1981, Renata Har completed her master’s degree in Christian Boltanski’s atelier at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris. A regular participant in group exhibitions, fairs and artistic residencies in Brazil, Germany, and France, her work is represented by L’Atelier-ksr in Berlin and Silvia Cintra+Box 4 in Rio de Janeiro. For further information please visit http://www.renatahar.com/ or http://latelier-ksr.com/.

  February 22nd at 19:00.TIER: Notes on Bureaucracy with The Imaginary School Program (Beirut).

The encounter will unfold as an informal discussion about possible strategies to adopt for future independent pedagogical projects in Berlin. The story of The Imaginary School Program will act as a starting point for debate, taking Beirut’s project in Cairo as a model for a situated pedagogical practice. After a short presentation of the ISP, each invited participant will give an introduction to its own practice, or experience in relation to education.

The aim is to address what Berlin is missing in terms of educational programs within the art field. Questions will include: what kind of (educational) situations would be relevant to generate in Berlin – a city already saturated with cultural offers of all kinds? or what are the pitfalls of multi-disciplinareity?

About the ISP
The Imaginary School Program was an eight-month practice-based theory program running from October 2014 to May 2015, initiated by Beirut. The curriculum focused on institutions and forms of organizing (including collectives, non-movements, informal groups, etc.) in Cairo, and comprised a series of workshops, lectures, fieldtrips, reading groups, and other hybrid activities. The program created a space for reflection and critical thinking on radical institution-building and examined how we understand institutions and their political potential. In this way, ISP functioned as a kind of institutional clinic by closely scrutinizing a select number of existing organizations, placing emphasis on different ways of learning, organizing and sharing knowledge.
The ISP was a project by Beirut, directed by Antonia Alampi with the assistance of Lotta Shaefer and the counseling of Farida Makar, and its curriculum was curated by Amr Abdelrahman, Jasmina Metwaly, and Beirut.

TIER: Notes on Bureaucracy looks at how reality is modulated by legal constructs. One of the first membranes that regulate social relationships is made of bureaucracy. The way that institutions organize life has been discussed since the very roots of the constructions of modern states. Harun Farocki has compared the edition of a movie with the construction of laws, recalling the writing of Kafka. If a movie composed its reality though montage, in the reality, bureaucracy composes life though a montage of documents. Understanding the complexities that compose our quotidian through the production of reality that every bureau does, one can imagine the possibilities of changing reality as well.

Guests should RSVP to theinstituteforendoticresearch@gmail.com

  Formation Centre: The Poet, The Writer, My Work and My Lover

February Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th
Adam Fearon’s The Poet, The Writer, My Work and My Lover at The Institute for Endotic Research: Formation Centre first

Three Guided Tours of Adam Fearon’s installation built from his material experiments. The work will be introduced through a series of tours led by Inger Wold Lund (Friday), John Holten (Saturday) and Caique Tizzi (Sunday). Please RSVP by email.

The Institute for Endotic Research is a platform for the investigation about topics related to everyday life. It takes the notion of the endotic, antonym of the exotic, from French writer Georges Perec as a tool to work about immediate surroundings.

Formation Centre is the new branch of development of the institute. It deals with the study of forms and forms of study. The project seeks to explore relationships between institutional forms, experimental formats, spatial design and cognitive processes. It is located in TIER’s director Lorenzo Sandoval’s studio.

Adam Fearon’s experiments with matter are done from a soft position, underlining the sensorial capacities of the surfaces he works with, revealing the subtle traces that they register, as if the forms were similar to photographic skins. Usually, Fearon’s installations are placed in between display structures and sculptorical elements, bringing an expanded notion of imagery to the production of space.

INGER WOLD LUND’s tour will guide visitors through the work via a fictional discussion of the artist’s fear of wolves. Friday 12th February, 6pm.

JOHN HOLTEN’s tour guided walk through of what he has terms the ‘Surface Exhibition’ of the artist’s work. Holten’s decade long conversation with Fearon will promises to offer a candid insight into the work of the artist. Saturday 13th February, 6pm.

CAIQUE TIZZI’s tour will be in the form of a love letter read aloud that relates to the parts of the work as it they were parts of the body: a declaration of love through the artwork. Sunday, 14th Febuary, 6pm.

The tours are limited to 15 places per day.

Guests should RSVP to theinstituteforendoticresearch@gmail.com indicating which tour they would like to join.

Curvrystrasse 11/12, 10997

More information in the Facebook event.

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