August 24. Intervention by Sara Pereira & Sofia Lomba and Planting Concrete

Friday, August 24, 19:00
Intervention by Sara Pereira and Sofia Lomba
Intervention by Planting Concrete

Sofia Lomba and Sara Pereira bring together two perspectives on body and transformations, staging deformations, mutation and hybrids. Facing with, looking at, being looked at, showing, exploring and showing again, are processes that both works deal with. In their part they propose a classificatory approach. On one hand, Pereira introduces a collection of moments extracted from the forest of everyday life, made of notebooks that track the the fluidity of bodies and the precarious landscapes in which they are placed. On the other hand, Lomba proposes a series of drawings exercising botanical taxonomic systems that consciously confuse the reproductive organs of plants and humans. will also present the results of the Planting Concrete workshop lead by Miguel Prados Sánchez and Pablo Ramón Benitez. The outcomes of the workshop held on August 11 and 12 will serve as a new part of the space’s infrastructure, working on the topic of cultivation through the production of a series of planters (see description and bios for the workshop above).

Sofia Lomba moves between drawing, performance, video and music.
works around and with body identities and transformations.
collaborates with the collective Discoteca Flaming Star, incorporating since 2015 the character Ingrid on video and live.
also worked with João Alves (Thundera), performed with Wojciech Kosma as part of “The Family” and starred in Graw Böckler’s videos, among others. In 2016, founded AVA with Sara Pereira, a non-binary shamanic beat drone blade runner hypnotic lullaby lana keller improvisation band/performance/collective.lives and works in Berlin.

Sara Pereira works mainly with sound and drawing. Sara has been producing in collaborative-formats since 2005 in Oporto and 2010 Berlin – Projecto Gentileza, Marvellous Tone CDr-label, PISO collective and Discoteca Flaming Star. In 2014, completes the master program ‘Art in Context’ in Berlin, with a drawing research on collectives. Between 2010-2015 is co-founder-member of Altes Finanzamt projectroom and co-organized event series such as Time Lapse for experimental electro-acoustic music. Since 2016 together with Sofia Lomba and guests, is engaging in explorative musicalities under the name AVA.

  August 11 & 12. Planting Concrete. Workshop by Miguel Prados Sánchez and Pablo Ramón Benitez

Saturday, Aug 11 + Sunday, Aug 12, 15:00-19:00
Planting Concrete
Workshop by Miguel Prados Sánchez and Pablo Ramón Benitez

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the wide range of possibilities that concrete offers and to learn about the properties that define this material and techniques for its use and manipulation. The goal is the manufacture of planters that will serve for the spatial configuration of the The workshop will be a group process and will seek the involvement of the participants, who will be able to propose alternative materials for the mixture as well as other uses or designs for the objects. It will be also experimental, exploring new combinations with recycled materials, creating an awareness of the things we use and dispose of, materials that surround us and that could have new unexpected uses.

Miguel Prados Sánchez
(Spain, 1984) is an Architect and a Product Designer based in Berlin, graduated from the School of Architecture of the University of Seville. He has collaborated with different architectural offices working in several projects and competitions, among them housing and public buildings. In 2011 he moved to Berlin and started working with artists and craftsmen in the production and design of installations, products and furniture, always with geometry and generative design as main focus. He also had the opportunity of teaching in workshops in the University of Copenhagen and in the Münster School of Architecture.

Pablo Ramón Benítez
(Spain 1982) In 2009 he graduated in architecture and landscape architecture besides attending several courses at the School of Fine Arts in Seville during years. After visiting South America and UK he moved to Germany to develop his professional career. His strong background in architectural drawing helps him to develop his design process. He gained experience in design, design thinking process, and fine arts. For many years he trained as self-taught in design marketing and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in supporting by participating in this workshop (or if you have questions), RSVP to

  August 9. Amir George: Contorting Metaphysical Hijinks. Curated by GeoVanna Gonzalez

Thursday, August 9, 19:00
Contorting Metaphysical Hijinks
Encounter with Amir George
Curated by GeoVanna Gonzalez

A short film program featuring the work of Amir George. The films navigate the complexities of life through narratives of power, love, joy, trauma and self. The program is an amalgamation of spiritual stories juxtaposing sound and image, fragmented vignettes that conjure the secret life of objects both found and collected that reside in a world within a world.

Amir George is a filmmaker and curator, based in Chicago. George is the founder of The Cinema Culture, a grassroots film programming organization, and co-founder, with curator Erin Christovale, of Black Radical Imagination, a touring experimental short film series. As an artist, George creates spiritual stories, juxtaposing sound and image into an experience of non-linear perception. George’s films have screened at institutions and film festivals including Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Anthology Film Archives, Glasgow School of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Arts Los Angeles, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival, BlackStar Film Festival, Afrikana Film Festival, and Chicago Underground Film Festival, among others.

GeoVanna Gonzalez is a Berlin / Miami-based artist and curator. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where she received her BFA at Otis College of Art and Design. Since 2014 she has collaborated with Coven Berlin, a queer feminist collective which produces exhibitions and events that focus on body politics, gender, labor, and art. As a curator, her most recent group exhibition is Augmented Sunrise Beneath The Skin, on view at Gr_und until August 12, 2018. She previously curated the international group show, A New Prescription For Insomnia at Horse and Pony Fine Arts in Berlin. In 2016, GeoVanna was the Project Manager for the Berlin Art Prize. She is also the Co-founder of READ WHAT YOU WANT!, a reading club established in 2014.

  July 29. Susan Ploetz: Xenosomatics Session/Playtest for “The Guild”

Sunday, July 29, 12:00-17:00
Susan Ploetz: Xenosomatics Session/Playtest for “The Guild”

This special somatics session and playtest is a continuation of the Xenosomatics series being offered at Martin Gropius Bau as a part of the “Welt Ohne Aussen” exhibition. The sessions use breath, observation, movement, and touch to explore the material intelligences of the bodymind/being, which is both our most primal, intimate experience and also sometimes our most alien. How can we develop an intimacy with the alien within/without, how can this re-shape how we think of ourselves as beings?

On July 29th, we focus on: interfacing/playtesting: Interfacing is how two beings come together. We integrate material from previous sessions as we transpose senses and explore different qualities of bodymind material, through ideokinesis, hyperempathy and mindful touch. We will also explore the nervous system, and especially how this comes into play in alien/human encounters as played out in an all-day larp at the Martin Gropius Bau on July 31st. (Which all are welcome to join! Previous attendance to the sessions is encouraged but not mandatory to participate in the larp)

Please wear something comfortable to move in, bring water/snacks, a blanket and/or yoga mat if possible, and be prepared for gentle movement and consensual non-sexual touch.

Suggested donation: 5-40 euros sliding scale (going to the instructor and also to help fund programming at

If interested (or if you have questions), Please RSVP at

More information about sessions and the larp can be found on Susan’s website:

More information about the Martin Gropius Bau program here.

  July 20. Ana Alenso: green and yellow/ boom and bust

Friday, July 20, 19:00-21:00
Ana Alenso:
green and yellow
boom and bust

Ana Alenso builds an allegorical cosmos showcasing the economic, social and ecological risks and disequilibria implicit in natural-resource extractive industries, with a particular focus on those pertaining to hydrocarbons. During the cultivation phase of, she will create a sculptural intervention that combines plants, water and industrial elements. Objects such as an oil barrel and glass water bottles—familiar shell-like traces of destructive global consumerist traffic—are brought in conversation with living plants. Light, heat, growth, moisture, will transform the sculpture over the course of the following months.

The opening of this project will be accompanied by an installation of works: La enfermedad holandesa tropical and The future of oil, both of which are related to the speculative and metaphorical contents found within certain political economy phenomena, most specifically those associated with boom-and-bust cycles, the Dutch disease and the resource curse. Such phenomena occur predominantly in natural-resource-rich nations where corruption and violence become commonplace, paving the way for authoritarian regimes to rise to power. An example of this paradox manifests itself within the artist’s native country, Venezuela, which has the world’s second largest oil reserve, and yet is submerged in one of the worst humanitarian and economic crises of recent history.

More info:

  July 17. Jacob Remin: *something is wrong on the internet* / *cloud flares*

Tuesday, July 17, 19:00
Jacob Remin: *something is wrong on the internet* / *cloud flares*

broken harddrives and broken bodies. shifting bits and crunching metals. jacob remin takes us through the infrastructures of “cloud computing” and “harvesting the rare earth”.

the internet runs on computers and therefore it can be redesigned. but when the network is internalised and the source code disappears, where do we turn when things get creepy?

change your system: be the turing complete user. quitting mainstream internet as a possible act of self care and resistance. tune in, phase out, get weird.

Jacob Remin’s practice is a critical meditation over technology and the power structures it creates. in a world based on technology, JR questions the norm and the natural, while creating spaces for conversation. his works are manifested in the meeting between light, space, composition and interaction.

JR lives and works in copenhagen, denmark.

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